Allstate Waterproofing, Painting & Restoration is a leader in the waterproofing and painting industry.  We are able to serve the ENTIRE state of Florida by obtaining the necessary licenses as required by the state of Florida and the Department of Professional Regulation.

Allstate Waterproofing is dedicated to professional, quality workmanship.  Our field crews are highly trained and skilled in the use of materials and methods that best meet our customers’ needs.

We are proud to have acquired a number of exclusive products designed to prolong the life of masonry and concrete buildings by sealing surfaces that are vulnerable to deterioration.

Allstate Waterproofing, Painting & Restoration serves a wide range of customers including RESIDENTIAL HOMES as well as COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS large and small.

CONTACT US today to see how Allstate Waterproofing can help you, your home, or your business.